Functional vs Conventional

To start I want to break down, quickly, the difference between the two practices. Functional medicine focuses on finding the "root cause" by looking at the individuals symptoms and then searching for the cellular dysfunction in their body; it is individually customized. Conventional medicine looks at the symptoms only to find a disease and then immediately begin a treatment plan for that disease, which more often than not consists of prescription medications.

Ever thought about how you always have to fill out a lengthy patient history form when you go to a new doctor. They want to know your history, but not much about you as a person, your lifestyle, your daily routine, your diet, your stress levels, etc. Then you write down a few of your symptoms and proceed to spend only about 5-7 minutes WITH your doctor because he's already decided that you have what the other 10 patients he's seen with those symptoms have. Now, mind you, if this is dead in the middle of flu season and you come in with every symptom of the flu, yes, that's fairly easily diagnosed. And in situations such as the flu or let's say strep throat, conventional medicine is an outstanding approach. But what I'm talking about is more chronic issues. Chronic pain, insomnia, fibromyalgia, GI issues, things of that sort.

Take time to look at the image below that I found online; it helps me describe my point. There are diseases and there are root causes. You can treat the disease, but without addressing the root cause, the disease will be reoccurring. Conventional doctors are treating obesity with Qsymia, a mixture of the two drugs Phentermine/topiramate, or treating fibromyalgia with the prescription medications duloxetine or milnacipran, two anti depressants, or the anti-seizure medicine pregabalin, or treating arthritis with steroids and narcotic pain get the point. They are treating the disease. They don't look into the root causes.

I ask you today to think about something you are living with, something that you have grown to "deal" with by taking one or more prescription medications daily only to know that it's not going to go away, but at least it won't be bothering you as much as it once was. This is not living life! Take the time to reach out to us and take control of your healing.

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